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    2. 派对酒吧现场专业MC英文麦词

      2019-07-02 责任编辑:皇族DJ学院 人气:15685

         Now start to keep up with the hallucinogenic rhythm of tonight, your call is loud, this is the culture of music, we never forget, the perfect music of midnight dream, join together, hey!

         We explore the most mysterious abyss, silence in every music moment, with the dream of music to fly free, easy Party time together feel such music, from the Royal DJ here is the first Party of the year.
         All the sisters are ready to invite the girls that are doing this night, follow my DJ, shake your body and lift your sexy hands to beat the beat, shake it left and right, make your body follow DJ, and make you walk into the best music, scream in a few minutes!

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